Ride your bike and enjoy the landscape

Close your eyes and imagine a road that only bicycles and pedestrians can cover in complete security and tranquillity. Listen to the noise of the Noce River that runs along with you for all the route. Enjoy the wind in the hair and the perfume of the pines which wave their foliage while you’re passing by.

Imagine to ride your bike across green meadows, hamlets and villages whose history is hidden among the ancient walls of the “masi” (shepherd’s hut in the mountains)…

Open your eyes because this is reality, you are riding along the cycle track of Val di Sole!

36 kilometres to ride from Cogolo in Val di Pejo up to Ponte di Mostizzolo; the border between Val di Sole and Val di Non. You can decide to cover it all, only one stretch, round-trip or only downhill. And if suddenly you feel tired you can catch the Dolomiti Express that brings you and your bike very close to the hotel, free of charge with the Guest Card!

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