What is Downhill?

It 'a discipline of mountain biking that you practice with specific full suspension bike that grazi and their features make life easier and comfortable downhill, 100% fun and safe!

No need to be an expert to enjoy the downhill, the important thing is to want to have fun, love speed and adrenaline experience.

Val di Sole offers numerous downhill tracks, some of which were the scene of the races of the World Cup 2008, and still hosting international competitions like the World Championships of this exciting discipline..

Specialized Bike Centres offer all-inclusive packages include: biking + bikepass + guide + protections to facilitate at most who want to bring to this spectacular sport.

And the versality? Do not worry: at high altitude ascents take place by cable in the period June 19 / September 18 (Val di Sole Trentino Opportunityi + Guest Card) or with dedicated bike shuttle in the remaining period.

The watchword is fun!

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