In the summer,
when you go hiking in our mountains of Sun Valley,
if you find a stream or reach into the mountain lake,
take off shoes and socks, dip your feet in cold water,
walking in the water and in the woods,
He looks up to the sky and enjoy Thy Kneipp path open-air!

In Val di Rabbi ..

Reach Kneipp path that is in the locality Valorz, near the town of San Bernardo in Val di Rabbi.
The water of the Rio Valorz flows pure and clear in the cobbled path, enriched by natural materials such as grass, bark and wood and extends for a long stretch.
You can innergere your legs up to the calf and enjoy the benefit of the water!
You can relax comfortably on a lounge chair in the green meadow or in the magical pond next to the path.
Also bring your children !!

To try!!

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