Val di Rabbi is natural to follow the flow of water, walking along the banks of Rabbies or approaching the various streams. The Water call is strong and unique energy that gives us!

Three different opportunities, there is the water path which starts at the Terme di Rabbi and took it towards the Segheria Veneziana of Begoi past the Plan of camping along the Rabbies, go up then towards the waterfall coming Ragaiolo the entrance of the new Suspension Bridge.

Cross this bridge is an experience full of charm and adrenaline in all seasons .. walk more than 100 meters hanging in the air at a height that reaches 57 meters, from where you can contemplate a magnificent natural spectacle.

Thrills and chills granted to all .. experienced hikers, young people and families!

The presegue path then, for those who wish, in the woods towards the Malga Fratte and overlying huts or you continue to walk towards Coler, the Malga Stablasolo and spectacular Waterfalls Saent.

Good walk!

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